Request Imaging Mass Cytometry

If you are interested in requesting a service from the Imaging Mass Cytometry Laboratory, please fill out and submit this form.

(If relevant)
Provide a summary of your project, including the scientific premise, goals, milestones, and potential for broader impact on cancer research. Indicate how the application of imaging mass cytometry will advance the project and is advantageous over other available approaches.  
May include inquiries regarding additional requirements or services not listed as options below.
technical expertise
Specify the technical expertise and resources required to conduct the project, that are expected to be provided by the Imaging Mass Cytometry Laboratory.
What is the source of samples that you will send?
What type of tissues would you send to the laboratory?
metal labelled
Are you able to provide the IMC laboratory with the metal labelled antibodies required for testing?
Questions 1-5 6-10 11-20 Greater than 20
Generally, a “sample” is defined as a single slide