Request Imaging Mass Cytometry

The Imaging Mass Cytometry Laboratory provides cancer researchers access to the technology to enable pilot studies, collection of preliminary data, and investigations to complement ongoing research. Please submit this form to request a service from the Laboratory. All investigators with a cancer-focused project are welcome to submit.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed three times per year by an NCI committee, as detailed in the table below.



Status Notification

By January 10



By May 10



By September 10



Submitters may receive follow up questions and will be notified of the status of their request the month after the review.

As described in more detail below, submissions will be assessed based on the scientific plan, the need for imaging mass cytometry (IMC) to advance the research, and the potential for broader cancer research impact. Requests where the IMC analyses will be a critical component of an NCI-supported project or future NCI proposal will be prioritized. Priority will also be given to requests from under-resourced institutions without access to IMC or other multiplexed imaging approaches. Willingness to publicly share data from IMC analyses will also be a consideration.

Accepted projects will be incorporated into laboratory workflows based on resource availability. Ensuring projects are completed in a timely manner will require close coordination with the IMC Laboratory team and prompt shipment of specimens and reagents.

(If relevant, having an NCI grant is not a requirement)

Project-specific details

Provide a brief summary of the overarching research project, including background, significance, and goals.

500 word limit, suggest following Specific Aims guidance in the NIH application guide. Strong requests will have a well-supported scientific premise, clear goals, and potential to impact cancer research beyond the immediate research area.
How will imaging mass cytometry (IMC) specifically enable the planned research direction? What capabilities does this laboratory provide that you do not otherwise have access to?

300 word limit. Strong requests will delineate what this approach can enable compared to other available approaches; priority will be given to submitters without access to these technologies.
For the IMC component, define the experimental design and project milestones.

300 word limit. Plans could include evaluating the antibody panel on control tissues, testing the panel in x number of samples, successful measurement of x more proteins beyond the current method, etc. Strong requests will have clear milestones that define the scope of the IMC project.
Describe how the IMC analyses will support an NCI-supported project or future NCI application?

300 word limit. Strong requests will demonstrate clear importance of the analyses to a current or future NCI-funded cancer research project.
Data sharing
Are you willing to share the images and analysis data in a publicly accessible repository? Will you allow the IMC Laboratory to publicly share the antibody panels developed for your project?

Priority will be given to submitters willing to share data and antibody panels.

Request specifications and technical details

Resources/expertise required
Specify the technical expertise and resources required to conduct the project, that are expected to be provided by the Imaging Mass Cytometry Laboratory.
Sample Source
What is the source of samples that you will send?
Tissue type
What type of tissues would you send to the laboratory?
Are you able to provide the IMC laboratory with the metal labelled antibodies required for testing?
Questions 1-5 6-10 11-20 Greater than 20
Generally, a “sample” is defined as a single slide
May include inquiries regarding additional technical requirements or services not listed as options above.