Center for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

We bring the Frederick National Laboratory’s distinct capabilities to the broader research community to help solve urgent problems in biomedical research.
Cooperative Research and Development Agreements and CRADA amendments to enable and extend research projects between FNL scientists and external investigators.

The Center for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships houses the Partnership Development Office and the Intellectual Property and Strategic Agreements Office, and fosters purposeful innovation across the Frederick National Laboratory with the goal of bringing our expertise, capabilities, and technologies to the external research community.  

"Within FNL, innovation plays a pivotal role in delivering new and enhanced technologies that empower us to tackle essential scientific inquiries, enhance our services, and ultimately contribute to the wellbeing of patients."
Vladimir Popov, Chief Innovation Officer

Pillars of the Center for Innovation and Strategic Partnership

Through these pillars, the center seeks to strengthen the laboratory’s role as a national and global resource for biomedical research.

Partnership development

We engage with a wide range of research collaborators and partners to solve urgent problems in biomedical research.

Student training

We have established a number of academic partnerships that include training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from our partner institutions.

Academic Partnerships

Intellectual property management

The Intellectual Property and Strategic Agreements team handles all intellectual property issues, including invention disclosures and agreements with collaborators. 

Technology development & transfer

We are home to unique scientific expertise and technological capabilities available nowhere else. Through various programs, we work with investigators to leverage our technology as a resource for others.

Technical Services

Outreach & events

To foster collaboration, we partner with various institutions to host scientific events throughout the year.