Given an input sequence or list of sequences as well as a CRISPR system with a defined spacer length and PAM sequence, sgRNA Scorer will identify putative sites and assign a predicted activity based on our new support vector machine model. In addition, an option exists to select sites with minimal off-target activity based on the CasFinder algorithm as well, enabling target sites to be selected with high predicted specificity and activity.

In this 2.0 version, we combined the support vector machine models for Cas9 S. pyogenes and Cas9 S. thermophilus 1 into a single pan-ortholog model and have demonstrated experimentally that it works with varying degree of success for Cas9s from S. aureus and S. thermophilus 3 as well as the newly characterized CRISPR system Cpf1.

      Input Method
      Select input (paste sequence or upload file in FASTA format. Example of an input file can be found here.
      If running off-target analysis, limit total sequence length to 5 kb (5000 bp) otherwise limit to total sequence of 1 Mb (1,000,000 bp). Sequence must be at least 30 nucleotides in length.
      One file only.
      50 MB limit.
      Allowed types: txt.