At the forefront of cancer and infectious disease research, the Bioinformatics and Computational Science Directorate is committed to fostering innovative collaborations, and integrating multi-modal research and clinical data, advanced computing, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We actively promote the use of data sharing and data analysis platforms and tools within the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute research community and provides expertise in bioinformatics and in silico research, including next-generation sequencing, omics data analysis, imaging, and computational chemistry.

Collaboration Opportunities

Our services are available to researchers within the National Institutes of Health. To request our services, you can reach out to the NCI Office of Scientific Operations at

To inquire about public, industry, or academic collaborations outside the NIH, reach out to the FNL Partnership Development Office.

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Harnessing computational science to fight cancer and infectious diseases

The Advanced Biomedical Computational Science (ABCS) team specializes in bioinformatics, next-generation sequencing, data solutions and systems biology, biomedical image analysis and visualization, mathematical and statistical analysis, and computational chemistry and protein modeling.

We implement technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (deep learning, digital pathology, natural language processing/text mining), advanced structural studies such as protein structural predictions and protein/ligand interactions, and quantum chemical analysis, as well as advanced genomics technologies including single cell sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and clinical translation. 

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Empowering biomedical research with information technologies and data science

The Center for Technology Operations Support (CTOS) provides software engineering, cloud technologies, web development, and data sharing platforms in support of the National Cancer Institute's mission. CTOS has developed and implemented several platforms for data management in biomedical collaborations, such as the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons, which includes several initiatives such as NCI Cloud Resources and Expand Data Commons designed to maximize interoperability, access and use of research data.

As we continue to leverage data science, bioinformatics, advanced computing, and emerging technologies, we look forward to advancing medical research and making a significant impact on the lives of patients.


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Data management platforms
Our teams developed and implemented several platforms for data management in biomedical collaborations. The platforms are available to all cancer investigators.
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Code repositories
We have data analytic and data management code repositories available to researchers on GitHub.
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Researcher Resource

Available scientific applications

The Advanced Biomedical Computational Science group provides informatics solutions for simple to advanced scientific challenges that are scalable, modular, and flexible.

Open Positions in Bioinformatics and Computational Science