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The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research actively develops partnerships among our scientists and external investigators in government, academia, industry, and the nonprofit research community. Through collaborations, we accelerate progress in research targeting cancer, AIDS, and other diseases. 

Together, we can bridge the gap between late discovery and early development of diagnostics and therapeutics, create cross-cutting technology platforms, and propose new data standards. Our partnerships have generated numerous technologies and research tools available for licensing. Our subcontracting opportunities engage our local community and organizations worldwide seeking to make a difference in the biomedical sciences.

Business Opportunities

Subcontracting and outsourcing are crucial for the operation of the Frederick National Laboratory on behalf of our customers. Opportunities for vendors and subcontractors include support in research services, facility infrastructure, laboratory supplies, supply chain operations, and other operational needs. 

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Partnership Development Office

The Partnership Development Office facilitates partnerships and collaborations among our scientists and external researchers in government, academia, industry, and the nonprofit research sector. 

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Subcontracting and Acquisitions

The Acquisitions Department works closely with our contractors and business partners to foster success and supply the Frederick National Laboratory and our customers with high quality products and services. 

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Intellectual Property and Strategic Agreements

The Intellectual Property and Strategic Agreements team handles all intellectual property issues, including invention disclosures and agreements with collaborators.

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