Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory

Program Overview

The Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory provides comprehensive preclinical characterization of nanomedicine formulations, encompassing physicochemical characterization as well as in vitro and in vivo immunology, pharmacology and toxicology evaluation.

The laboratory has characterized hundreds of unique nanomedicine formulations and has experience with most nanotechnology platforms, active pharmaceutical ingredients and other strategies being explored for nanotech drug development.

There are several mechanisms available for collaboration, including: 

  • The free Assay Cascade characterization program 
  • Fee-based research and development collaborations 
  • Purchase of select fee-for-service assays through the Technical Services program 

The Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory also provides a host of other resources for nanotech developers, including: 

  • Free consultation on experimental design or strategy 
  • An expansive library of protocols developed for the physical, chemical and biological study of nanomedicines 
  • A collection of reviews and manuscripts organized by topic 

For more information on the services and resources available, download the laboratory's brochure and visit   

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