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Volume electron microscopy (vEM) is quietly revolutionizing cell biological imaging by enabling the nm-scale 3D visualization of cells and tissues, and catalyzing discoveries in various experimental systems. Scientists in the vEM community have made innovations at different steps in the vEM experimental pipeline, creating a wide variety of protocols, many useful and bespoke but few that are standard and widely used.

In an effort to demystify vEM to newcomers to the field, this 2-day workshop will offer an up-close and in-person view of sample preparation, imaging, and image processing in a leading vEM laboratory. Held in conjunction with BioEM webinar talks as well as vendor presentations, this will be an opportunity to come away with an understanding of the basics of this exciting field as well as a set of standard protocols to execute a basic vEM experiment.

If you are new to or considering volume EM, a young researcher using vEM, or an EM enthusiast curious about vEM, this will an opportunity both to understand experimental aspects of the science as well as to network with fellow vEM community members.


You must apply to this workshop as seats are limited. The workshop is open to U.S. participants only. It is free to attend and expenses for participants' stay will be defrayed. 

NOTE (1): Due to practical constraints, we will not be able to schedule personalized 1:1 “full hands-on” sessions. Rather, this demo experience will serve as a thorough introduction and help you decide which applications to pursue in greater depth.

NOTE (2): Some of the demos may be remote.


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Volume EM pipelines include many steps, and each of those steps can be executed in multiple ways, using various tools. To get a better sense of what excites YOU the most, please answer the following questions. We will try our best to tailor the program to create maximum overlap between your needs and our resources.

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