The Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology conducts research in collaboration with scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to understand the biology of T-cell activation and HIV persistence.  

We support the Laboratory of Immunoregulation by developing and performing quantitative and qualitative polymerase chain reaction assays. 

Undetectable plasma virus 

The laboratory has seen evidence for HIV-1 replication in patients with undetectable plasma virus receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy. Recent data obtained with autopsy samples taken from patients with undetectable plasma virus confirm the presence of HIV RNA in spleen, lymph node, colon, brain, kidney, and liver, suggesting persistence of viral replication in those organs.  

HIV persistence 

We study HIV replication in organs of patients with undetectable virus in their blood. 

T-cell activation 

We evaluate the stimulation of LZTFL1 during T-cell activation and its role in immune synapse.