Frederick National Laboratory curates and manages various repositories. Many of these repositories support the National Cancer Institute. Our scientists endeavor to not only provide collections of valuable resources, but to innovate the collection process. 

Repositories managed by FNL

We help collect, process, and manage these valuable resources for the research community that cover an array of fields and research needs.

Antibody Portal

The Antibody Characterization Laboratory performs antibody validation as part of a community resource overseen by the National Cancer Institute Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research. You may access the data standards and reference materials online and filter by your criteria. You can browse by antibody or reagent.

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The Cancer Imaging Archive

The Cancer Imaging Informatics Laboratory at Frederick National Laboratory manage and oversee this publicly accessible resource that hosts a large archive of medical images of cancer. 

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Cancer Research Data Commons

Researchers can access cloud-based repositories with various cancer data sets. Our Center for Technical Operations Support helped develop the infrastructure enabling researchers to use a variety of analytical and visualization tools across cancer research data.

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CAPR Mouse Models

Our Center for Advanced Preclinical Research develops genetically engineered mouse models and makes them available to researchers.

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Code repositories

The Advanced Biomedical Computational Science group provides open access to its developed software on Github, including machine learning, deep learning, and AI; imaging software; bioinformatics workflows; sequence annotation algorithms; and statistics tutorials. 

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DCTD Tumor Repository

Our Applied and Developmental Research Directorate manages the DCTD Tumor Repository, which includes in vivo-derived tumors and in vitro-established tumor cell lines. The tumor collection contains a wide variety of cryopreserved tumor histologies of human and animal origin, including the NCI-60 cell line and mouse tumors from the Jackson Laboratory.

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Genomic Data Commons

The Cancer Genome Atlas molecularly characterized over 20,000 primary cancer and matched normal samples spanning 33 cancer types. The Biospecimen Research Group facilitates the management and oversight of the Genomic Data Commons and its expansive enterprise.

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Natural Products Repository

The Natural Products Support Group oversee the highly automated laboratory designed to extract compounds from natural products, with the goal of making them easier to screen for activity against a target. 

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Patient-Derived Models Repository

The In Vivo Evaluation Program develops in vivo and in vitro models for the repository. The Molecular Characterization Laboratory conducts all next-generation sequencing and profiling for these tumor models.

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RAS Reagents and Tools

Researchers with the NCI RAS Initiative have developed a variety of unique reagents, assays, and tools for use.

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