A shared national resource

The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research offers a collection of biomedical services, technologies, repositories, and expertise for use by extramural researchers. We have a mix of free and at-cost resources.  

Cancer researchers can access the more than 15 million biological specimens, frozen tumor samples, research reagents, and genetically engineered mouse models of human cancers at the Frederick National Laboratory.  

We offer 27 technical services that provide access to assays, cell lines, and other products for HIV, cancer, and biomedical research. We operate facilities with dedicated services funded through the National Cancer Institute. 

Many of our programs make innovations available to the community, including data sets, algorithms, standardizations, characterizations, and assays. 

User Facilities

The Frederick National Laboratory houses and manages specialized technology user facilities available to the cancer research community. Our team of scientists supports users' research projects while conducting studies of their own to optimize techniques and technologies and advance the field.

The Antibody Characterization Laboratory is a reference program that develops antibodies to be made available to the scientific community, including extensive antibody-characterization data and protocols. The laboratory uses an array of techniques to determine the properties of antibodies and…
The Imaging Mass Cytometry Laboratory provides cancer researchers with high-dimensional imaging analysis of tumor tissue samples at subcellular resolution. We work with researchers interested in studying the tumor microenvironment, tumor-stromal cells interactions, and the roles of different…
The Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory provides comprehensive preclinical characterization of nanomedicine formulations, encompassing physicochemical characterization as well as in vitro and in vivo immunology, pharmacology and toxicology evaluation. The laboratory has characterized…
Image The National Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility provides cancer researchers access to the latest technology for high-resolution imaging.  Our user facility addresses pressing national and regional needs for structural biologists to have access to advanced…


External researchers may access specialized technologies and select science services at the Frederick National Laboratory. Our teams leverage their expertise and the laboratory's technology to support your work.

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Frederick National Laboratory manages and maintains several data, imaging and specimen repositories for the research community. 

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