We offer the scientific community a wide array of services ranging from expert colony management to the development and performance of technical procedures aimed at disease induction, characterization, and treatment of animal models. 

Black and agouti ten-day old pups being transferred to clean cage

Comprehensive support to investigators

We work closely with investigators throughout all stages of their projects, coordinating and scheduling experimental studies, providing regular progress reports, and delivering detailed results.
What is this? Black and agouti ten-day old mouse pups.
C57Bl/6J mouse being weighted

Technical development in preclinical cancer research

We develop animal models for scientists investigating therapeutic applications for cancer and other diseases. We assist investigators in the characterization of tumors in preclinical animal models and the assessment of immune functions. Our team performs metabolism studies as well as surgical procedures.
What is this? C57B1/6J mouse being weighed.

Our capabilities and specializations

Generation of tumor models 

We generate and expand genetically engineered mouse models and induce tumors chemically or virally. Additionally, we generate subcutaneous and orthotopic tumor models using murine or human cells. We also implant patient-derived xenografts subcutaneously or into organs or tissues of animals that match the tumor histotype.

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  • Subcutaneous cell injections

  • Orthotopic cell injections (intracardial, intramuscular, intraperitoneal, intravenous)

  • Surgical cell injections (intra-cisternal, intra-femoral, intra-renal, intra-cranial, mamary fat pad, intra-thoracic, intra-hepatic) and tissue implants (subcutaneous, intra-renal, intra-cecal)

  • Viral instillations (intra-nasal, intra-tracheal, intra-vaginal, intra-buccal)

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Treatment modalities 

We administer investigational compounds via medicated water, customized diets, topical skin painting, or injections.  

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  • Treatment compounds delivered by several routes, including drinking water, specialized diets, and topical skin applications 

  • Therapeutic compounds also delivered by multiple routes of injections

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Localized tumor treatments 

We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, including irradiators that allow localized tumor treatments.  

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  • Whole-body X-ray irradiation 

  • Localized X-ray irradiation