The Cancer Research Technology Program leverages scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology to carry out national missions and support government and extramural investigators. We pursue complex, high-priority research questions and serve as hub for the National Cancer Institute’s RAS Initiative and National Cryo-Electron Microscopy Program. As part of the only national laboratory dedicated exclusively to biomedical research, we team up with academia, pharma and other national laboratories to speed cancer drug development.

Enabling cancer research for the nation

With advanced and emerging technology, novel facilities and specialized expertise, we address gaps in cancer research while contributing to other scientists’ critical work.   

We have expertise in genomics, proteomics, optical and electron microscopy, biochemistry and biophysics, structural biology, cancer biology, antibodies, and nanotechology. We support investigators at the National Cancer Institute and external partners.

Structural diagram of neurofibromatosis
Protein science and cryo-EM collaboration

Understanding of NF1 gene mutations may lead to RAS cancer discoveries

Collaborative study takes an important step toward explaining complex mutations in gene NF1 that is known to cause a disorder known as neurofibromatosis type 1. The study also has potential implications in research against several cancers.