This lecture series is a joint initiative between Frederick National Laboratory and Georgetown University to expand scientific exchanges and give rise to new collaborations and initiatives among our respective institutions.

Lectures are given during the academic year, alternating between faculty at Georgetown University and staff at the Frederick National Laboratory. The series started in 2020 and has since continued. Events in the series are typically once a month in the fall and spring

Past seminars

Sample topics from past lectures

  • “The Role of Nuclear Receptors in Regulation of Metabolism and Disease”

    • Moshe Levi, M.D., Dean for Research, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology,
      Georgetown University

  • “Immunogenetic Variation: The Benefits of a Protective Variant Against One Disease Can Increase the Risk of Another”

    • Mary Carrington, Ph.D., Director, Basic Science Program, Frederick National Laboratory

  • “Imaging Metabolic Changes and Fibrosis Using Phasor Approach to FLIM Imaging of Endogenous Markers”

    • Suman Ranjit, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Microscopy & Imaging Shared Resource, Georgetown University

  • “Volume Electron Microscopy (vEM): Taking a Measure of Cell Biology in 3D”

    • Kedar Narayan, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Center for Molecular Microscopy, Frederick National Laboratory

"The breadth of the areas covered by the lecture series is a stimulus not only to the Georgetown faculty and Frederick scientists, but also to our exceptional students who represent the scientific workforce of the future."
Spiros Dimolitsas, Ph.D., Georgetown’s senior vice president for research, and chief technology officer.