The Epigenetics Section studies mechanisms of chromatin remodeling, focusing on murine development. The section is affiliated with and provides expertise in chromatin biology to the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program of the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research. 


Chromatin Remodeling 

  • Determine the molecular mechanisms of the chromatin remodeling protein LSH in altering chromatin structure in the mouse genome genes. 
  • Analyze the deposition of histone variant macroH2A by LSH. 

Investigate the role of LSH in genomic stability 

  • Investigate the pathways that cause susceptibility to replication stress and genomic instability upon LSH deletion. 
  • Determine the change in chromatin environment at stalled replication forks that prevent or promote DNA breaks. 

Determine the cause of immunodeficiency   

  • Analyze the defect in B cell competency upon LSH deletion or in the ICF4 syndrome caused by LSH mutations. 
  • Characterize the role of LSH-mediated chromatin changes in immunoglobulin class switch recombination.