The Nonhuman Primate Research Support Core provides ongoing research support for HIV/AIDS vaccine, pathogenesis, and treatment studies conducted by the AIDS and Cancer Virus Research Program scientists and their collaborators. 

The core receives, processes, distributes, and stores specimens of nonhuman primate blood, tissues, and other bodily fluids. Our group maintains detailed inventories and databases on these specimens.

The core is also responsible for scheduling all animal study events and preparing drugs for administration to study animals for all nonhuman primate studies conducted by scientists in the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program. 


Drug preparation and specimen processing 

  • Generate single-cell suspensions from tissue specimens. 
  • Separate plasma and PBMC from whole blood. 
  • Co-formulate bulk antiretroviral drugs for injection. 
  • Prepare antiretrovirals and other drugs for oral dosing to research animals.