The Molecular Immunology Section studies mechanisms of gene regulation, focusing on the innate immune system. The section is affiliated with, and provides expertise in gene regulation to the Laboratory of Cancer Immunometabolism of the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research. 


Image of a Natural Killer cell
Natural Killer cell.

Natural Killer cell gene regulation 

  • Determine the molecular mechanisms controlling the variegated expression of human KIR genes and mouse Ly49 genes. 
  • Analyze NK-specific regulation of the human HLA-C gene. 

Investigate properties of binary switch promoters 

  • Explore the hypothesis that bidirectional promoters can function as an element that digitally programs cellular development and differentiation pathways. 
  • Evaluate promoters of lineage-defining transcription factors with potential to function as a binary switch. 

Provide expertise in the study of gene regulation to intramural and extramural collaborators 

  • Identification of important regulatory elements 
  • Promoter reporter assays 
  • Gel-shift experiments 
  • Analysis of RNAseq and other next-generation datasets