Standards References and Training Research Committee (STAR TREC)

This is a central hub to develop, deposit, and share standards and references in biological research.

STAR TREC strives to increase the reproducibility of data in the scientific community. By establishing and sharing standards and reference reagents for various scientific disciplines, we want to encourage the adoption of these benchmarks among researchers. 

Our scientists have provided standard operating procedures, assay validations, and other reference materials for several fields of research. We seek to leverage our areas of advanced technology and scientific expertise to spearhead a collaborative engagement with the academic community and private sector.  

Content on our site is meant to be a tool to help bridge gaps in scientific reproducibility. You may access reference materials on our webpages by downloading PDFs or clicking links to specified resources. 

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High Fidelity Seminar Series

The High Fidelity Seminar Series features speakers addressing the importance of standards and reference materials for reproducibility of biomedical research. Below you'll find archived videos from past seminars. Be sure to check out our events for future presentations.

Understanding the complexity of in vitro models in therapeutic development 

Genome in a bottle: Reference materials to benchmark human genome sequencing 

Cancer biomarker measurements and standards at NIST

Bioengineered Cancer Tissue Models for Drug Discovery and Development. 

RRIDs for Research Resources: Why do we need a number to make resources FAIR? 

For reproducibility, we need the methods behind the data