SMA for Beckman Lab Equipment

Person of Contact Cathy Goodman (
Proposal Due Date Thursday, December 2, 2021 (Closed 2 days 4 hours ago)
  • Research Category Commercial Goods/Services
  • Solicitation Number M22-187
  • NCI OA Contract Number 75N91019D00024 – NCI-FFRDC


Service Maintenance Agreement for Beckman Lab Equipment.

1 C124369 System, Liquid Handling Biomek 5011352
2 C135229 Centrifuge Allegra X-14R ALF15J07
3 C136616 Centrifuge Optima XPN801VD XPN16L16
4 C136814 Analyzer, Viability VI-CELL XR BA06048
5 C137347 Analyzer, Viability VI-CELL XR BA41366
6 C130682 Centrifuge Optima L80 XP LXP06M17
7 C139728 System, Liquid Handling Biomek NX-MC 9894020144
8 C139914 Centrifuge Avanti J-HC JPG19M015
9 C139075 Analyzer, Viability Vi-Cell BC13211
10 C139622 Centrifuge Avanti JXN-26 JXN19H35
11 C123038 Centrifuge RC-5C Plus 9901113
12 C123039 Centrifuge RC-5C Plus 9901268
13 C135743 Centrifuge, TT Allegra X-15R ALP16C46
14 C135744 Centrifuge, TT Allegra X-15R ALP16C47

POP: 1/1/22 - 12/31/22

Contact: Cathy Goodman, or 301-846-5025 for additional information.

Proposal Instructions

Contact POC above for additional details of this solicitation.