Our core values serve as a guidepost for how we do our work every day in serving the public's interest. These values unite us and set us up for continued success. 


We hold ourselves responsible for the conduct of our research. We stand by the quality of our scientific endeavors. We do the right thing. 


We focus on building trust and credibility across the organization and with our partners. We value teamwork in our pursuit of scientific excellence. We are transparent in the exchange of ideas and our encouragement of one another. 


We uphold a culture of respect at work, within our communities, and globally. We embrace diversity and value our employees for their strengths. We care deeply about the science, the public trust, and the impact on society. 


We are resolved to meet our goals, especially in the face of challenges or adversity. We are committed to improving the quality of life through scientific innovation. We value our work and foster a learning, training, and mentoring environment to ensure we deliver meaningful results. 


We provide the best quality service or product to our customers and strive to exceed expectations. We pursue biomedical research with the highest regard for moral and ethical standards. We stand by what we say and what we do. 


We foster discovery and innovation by adapting to emerging public health needs. We are agile and adaptable to evolving research priorities. We leverage all resources entrusted to us to support the demands of the scientific enterprise.