Open Solicitations

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Solicitation Number: S20-029

AAV9 viral vector platform clinical drug product manufacture

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

The aim of this project is to utilize an Offeror’s high‐performance expression AAV9 vector platform for transgene transfer that can be utilized for ge

Proposal Due Date: 1/3/2020
NAICS: 541714, NAICS: 541690 Solicitation Number: 20X036Q

Sulfo-SIAB chemical linker

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

A Subcontractor is needed to facilitate development of a GMP process and analytical test methods as well as execute GMP manufacturing of Sulfo-SIAB ch

Proposal Due Date: 1/21/2020
Solicitation Number: S20-039F

Zr-89 Labeled Avelumab production for PET Imaging

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

The Subcontractor shall perform the following tasks under this TO: A. Maintain their own IND or DMF for the agent and remain in compliance with the

Proposal Due Date: 2/3/2020
NAICS: 541511, NAICS: 541512, NAICS: 541990 Solicitation Number: S20-050

Cancer Data Aggregator (CDA)

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

The purpose of this project is to develop a query engine called the Cancer Data Aggregator (CDA).

Proposal Due Date: 2/18/2020
NAICS: 325412, NAICS: 541713 Solicitation Number: S20-054

mRNA Formulation

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is one of the world's largest biomedical research organizations and is the focal point for US government

Proposal Due Date: 2/28/2020
NAICS: 541715 Solicitation Number: S20-056

Request for Information - GLP Rabbit Toxicology Study

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.

Proposal Due Date: 2/28/2020
Solicitation Number: S20-061

S20-061 Request for Information - Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

In support of the Cancer Moonshot Biobank study, Leidos Biomed seeks a vendor(s) to provide prospective clinical next generation sequencing (NGS) serv

Proposal Due Date: 4/17/2020
NAICS: 424210, NAICS: 541380 Solicitation Number: B20277

Blanket Purchase Agreement for Agilent brand biologicals and supplies

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

Biologicals, chemicals, kits, reagent, lab supplies

Proposal Due Date: 4/23/2020
NAICS: 541714 Solicitation Number: S20-097

Whole Genome Sequencing - High Coverage

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

Request for Information regarding capabilities for whole genomic sequencing of on DNA extracted from FFPE tumor samples with coverage of 60X or 30X wi

Proposal Due Date: 4/30/2020
NAICS: 541380 Solicitation Number: S20-083Q

BCG Toxicity Study

Research & Development Services & Subcontracts

The Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), at the National Insti

Proposal Due Date: 5/4/2020