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The overall project is referred to as the EHS Enterprise Suite project. The goal of the overall project scope is to transition from a series of custom-developed software/capabilities to comprehensive, industry-standard and integrated commercial software toolset. The enterprise solution is meant to gradually replace the many disparate tools. The scope of the project, a multi-year effort, will use a phased approach and is outlined below.  Phase 1 scope - Capability / Module 1 - May – August, 2020. The identification and selection of the first vendor module/capability to be implementated based on the short timeframe driven by the August 2020 use-or-lose budget constraint. As part of the RFP bid, after reviewing the requirements, the vendor will estimate the duration for implementation of each module and work with LBRi to identify the first candidate for implementation.  Phase 2 scope - Capability / Module 2 - September, 2020. TBD by Sponsor.  Phase 3 scope - Capability / Module 3 - September, 2021. TBD by Sponsor.  Phase 4 scope - Capability / Module 4 - September, 2022. TBD by Sponsor.  Phase 5 scope - Capability / Module 5 - September, 2023. TBD by Sponsor.  Phase 6 scope - Capability / Module 5 - September, 2024. TBD by Sponsor.  Phase 7 scope - Capability / Module 7 - September, 2025. TBD by Sponsor.
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Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.
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Josh Wynne
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Friday, April 3, 2020
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Commercial Goods/Services
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75N91019D00024 – NCI-FFRDC
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This is a Full and Open Competition. Please reach out to Josh Wynne at for a copy of the full solicitation, and all related documentation. Thank you, and good luck!

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