Imaging Data Commons (IDC)

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The scope of work for the IDC will encompass: • Establishing the Imaging Data Commons as a cloud-based system using Data Commons Framework/Gen3 components that can store, search and allow access for analysis of image data. Whenever feasible, DCF components will be used directly or when not feasible, the IDC will create components that are completely compatible with DCF standards. • Obtaining an Authority to Operate at FISMA Low. • Working with the IDC Advisory Committee to identify and ingest publicly available imaging datasets that would be advantageous to house at the IDC. Additionally, work with the IDC Advisory committee to establish development, data, and operational priorities. • Fostering interoperability with other CRDC nodes through participation in CRDC projects such as the Cancer Data Aggregator and Semantics Architecture Resource by establishing an IDC data model and vocabulary that can be mapped to those of other CRDC nodes. Working with the IDC Advisory Committee, Semantics Architecture Resource and other community groups to select, define, incorporate and support existing standards for image data and metadata. • Coordinating with and making use of other CRDC components, such as workspaces, as they become available. • Establishing a helpdesk, documentation, and community outreach to support users as they learn how to use IDC and to collect feedback and user stories to drive future development.
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Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.
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Nick D'Abbraccio
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Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Research & Development Services & Subcontracts
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HHSN261201500003I - IDIQ
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For more information please contact Nick D'Abbraccio, Nick.D'

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