ACVP-15: Next-Generation Sequence Analysis of Barcoded SIV/SHIV/HIV from DNA or RNA Containing Material

The Viral Evolution Core within the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program will extract nucleic acid from tissues, plasma, or isolated cells and perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and next generation sequence analysis of a barcoded virus using Illumina sequencing on a MiSeq instrument. Following sequencing, we will utilize our analysis pipeline to determine the number, proportion, and unique sequence of each barcode. This application is designed to work only with viral populations containing a genetic insert as a viral barcode. We have recently developed this barcoded virus system for SIV, several SHIV Env clones, and HIV. Samples can be run individually or multiplexed up to 10 different samples per run and run simultaneously in one sequencing reaction. Sufficient basic consultation with a subject matter expert is included with the service.