Partnering Mechanisms

The Frederick National Laboratory has a range of contractual agreement options available which offer flexibility to facilitate the formation of partnerships. The appropriate business mechanism is considered based on the scope and objectives of the partnership, from basic Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for exchange of materials, to more complex Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), which may include multiple parties and in-depth, multi-year research plans. 

The Frederick National Laboratory is a shared national resource and a collaborative enterprise. We actively engage research collaborators and partners in solving urgent problems in biomedical research and overcoming challenges to progress.

The Partnership Development Office works to establish partnerships and collaborations among Frederick National Laboratory scientists and external researchers in government, academia, industry, and the nonprofit research community. By working together, we accelerate progress against cancer and AIDS by bridging the gap between late discovery and early development of diagnostics and therapeutics, by creating cross-cutting technology platforms, and by proposing new data standards.