A contractor Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (cCRADA) is a partnering mechanism that expands the opportunities for Frederick National Laboratory researchers to work with external parties to conduct collaborative research activities and explore development of new technologies that are aligned with the NCI mission. Before the availability of cCRADAs, Leidos Biomedical researchers at the Frederick National Laboratory were limited in their ability to efficiently form direct partnerships with other academic, industry, and non-profit researchers in the discovery, development, and commercialization of technologies in cancer research and HIV/AIDS. With the cCRADA, Leidos Biomedical researchers can collaborate with external parties and receive funds without the involvement and participation of NCI. Throughout the cCRADA process, the NCI continues to maintain management oversight to ensure that all research collaborations are aligned with the NCI mission.

Key Attributes

  • Includes joint work statement detailing contributions and scientific activities of both parties
  • Provisions for confidentiality and material distribution and use
  • Partner has exclusive first right to negotiate a license from Leidos Biomed to CRADA Subject Inventions
  • Partner provides cost recovery funding; can also provide in-kind resources
  • Data publishing rights are defined

Sample Contractor Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (cCRADA) 

For cCRADAs, please contact:

Vladimir M. Popov, Ph.D.
Director, Partnership Development Office
(301) 846-5739