Tissue Analysis Core (TAC)


The Tissue Analysis Core (TAC) provides state-of-the art tissue analysis capabilities (i.e. immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, quantitative image analysis, laser capture microdissection) for ACVP directed studies and in support of intramural and extramural investigators working on collaborative studies relevant to key questions in HIV/AIDS research, with an emphasis on analysis of specimens from non-human primate (NHP) models. The Tissue Analysis Core is working with ACVP investigators and a network of collaborators to better understand HIV/SIV mucosal transmission, reservoir biology, pathogenesis and therapeutic intervention strategies. To accomplish the diverse array of collaborative studies, the Tissue Analysis Core has invested extensive time and resources to develop and optimize novel next-generation, highly sensitive in situ hybridization strategies for detection of lentiviruses in fixed tissue samples. In addition, Tissue Analysis Core has partnered with the Molecular Histopathology Laboratory (MHL) at the FNLCR to generate, produce and make available innovative lineage specific viral RNA riboprobe reagents for in situ hybridization detection of an array viruses in tissue samples (i.e. HIV-1 clades A, B, C, D and CRF01_AE, SIVmac239 lineage 8, SIVsmE660 lineage1, SIVsmM946 lineage 2, SIVsmFTq lineage 5, SIVsmD215 lineage 6, SIVsmSL92B and SIVagm).

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Claire Deleage, Ph.D.Claire Deleage, Ph.D.
Core Head
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Email: claire.deleage@nih.gov

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