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ES Cell: let-7c (TRE-tight/endogenous)
Stock Number: M000002
Description: This ES cell contains a mature let-7c in the endogenous context controlled by TRE-tight promoter. Validation of ES cells expressing let-7c
- dox
+ dox
Flow cytometric analysis of GFP activity without green fluorescence and then with green fluorescence for the given ES cell
A) Flow cytometric analysis of GFP activity in an ES cell line expressing let-7c in the TRE-tight/endogenous in the absence of doxycycline (control: left image), and in the presence of doxycycline (right image), plotting cell count (Y-axis) as a function of relative fluorescence (X-axis). GFP expression is demonstrated by the green curve verses the non-GFP-expressing cell population shown in pink. Selected ES cells were grown in 24-well plates in the absence or presence of doxycycline (1 μg/ml) for 48 hours.
Fold induction of miR expression for let-7cImage shows the Tet-inducible expression of let-7c for the given ES Cell
B) Tet-inducible expression of let-7c as determined by RT-qPCR (the fold induction of let-7c expression was calculated following treatment with doxycycline).