CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory group photo

The CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL), located at the Frederick National Laboratory’s Advanced Technology Research Facility, consists of five staff members. The lab has three long-term standing projects: NAS requests for Affymetrix DMET microarray gene expression (pharmacogenomics) for the NIH Clinical Center Pharmacy Department in Bethesda (Dr. Barry Goldspiel and Dr. Tristan Sissung), a yellow task for PCR and DNA sequencing-based genetic mutation detection for the Clinical Neutrophil Monitoring Laboratory/NIAID located on Fort Detrick (Dr. Douglas Kuhns, Dr. Harry Mallech, Dr. John Gallin, Dr. Steve Holland), and a Technical Service Agreement with the Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project, Nanostring and CTEP (the investigators are hospitals and medical centers worldwide who participate in the A051301 Alliance clinical trial for an expression-based technology using a 20-gene assay to assign cell-of-origin). 

The laboratory also provides a core Sanger sequencing service to CCR and RAS investigators, as well as Hood College. CMDL is currently working toward validating new assays for clinical use, including next-generation sequencing of vimentin ( for Case Western) and biopharmaceuticals (for BDP), pyrosequencing (for NIH Clinical Center), fragment analysis of Lynch Syndrome, other Nanostring panels for gene expression (for University of Maryland), PharmacoScan microarray testing for investigating how genetic variants affect drug metabolism (for NIH Clinical Center), and ultimately mass spec and enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs).  

In addition, the lab recently finalized a Task Order for the Master Trial in Lymphoma (MasterLymph) with the National Cancer Institute as part of the Cancer Moonshot. CMDL has LIMS databases which are provided for investigators to upload their sample files, track study progress/metrics, and retrieve data, and we are aiming to go paperless via incorporating the use of Tablets.  

Learn more about the laboratory's current and future projects. View an organizational chart of the laboratory below.

CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, operated by Leidos Biomedical Research. Dr. Gordon Whiteley, PhD, CLIA Laboratory Director, Kristen Pike, MS, PMP, Associate Scientist, CLIA Laboratory Manager, Teri Plona, Research Associate III, Technical Lead, Ryan Baugher, MS, QA Specialist II, Stephanie Mellott, Research Associate II, Todd Young, Research Associate I, Heidi Lawhorn, Research Associate I