Ligia Pinto portraitLigia Pinto, Ph.D. 
Laboratory Director

Dr. Ligia Pinto is the Director of the Vaccine, Immunity and Cancer Program at the Frederick National Laboratory.  This Program within the Applied and Developmental Research Directorate (ADRD) includes three laboratories: The HPV Serology Laboratory located at the ATRF, the HPV Immunology Laboratory and the Cancer Immunoprevention Laboratory (both located at Fort Detrick). Dr. Pinto completed her PhD in 1995 at the Experimental Immunology Branch, National Institutes of Health (NIH), after several years of research on cellular immunology of HIV infection at the University of Lisbon, School of Medicine in Portugal. She continued her postdoctoral studies at NIH where she focused on investigating immunological alterations induced by HIV, HIV vaccine candidates and host protective immune responses controlling HIV replication and associated pathogenesis. In 2001, she joined the Frederick National Laboratory to establish the HPV Immunology Laboratory. The work from her Laboratory has played a critical role in the understanding of the systemic and mucosal immune responses induced by the licensed HPV vaccines in clinical trials and promoted the development of an International HPV Serology Standardization Initiative. She has worked in the area of immunology of infectious diseases and vaccines for the last 30 years, with over 120 peer-reviewed publications. 



Troy Kemp portraitTroy Kemp, Ph.D.
Scientific Manager/Laboratory Head

Troy Kemp, Ph.D. is a Scientific Manager I in the HPV Serology Laboratory at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. In this position, he manages the production of HPV L1L2 Virus-Like Particles (VLP), generation of HPV secondary standards for immunoassays, testing, and data analysis/compilation. Previously, as a Scientist I, he was responsible for managing the testing, data analysis/compilation, and data delivery of several large epidemiological studies of cancer to evaluate immune signatures predictive of cancer risk using multiplex cytokine assays. He is also involved in the development and validation of the multiplex cytokine assays in various body fluids (serum/plasma, cervical secretions, bile, and saliva). His postdoctoral research focused on investigating immune parameters such as functional antibody responses as well as measuring cytokines from various sources (cervical secretions, serum, and saliva) in clinical trials of women vaccinated with a human papillomavirus (HPV)16/HPV18 L1 VLP vaccine. His postdoctoral training and involvement with epidemiological studies has given me extensive experience with developing, validating, analyzing and interpreting large volumes of samples/data in various assays (multiplex cytokine assays and neutralization assays).


Angelina Richards portraitAngelina Richards
Quality Assurance Specialist 





Amanda CorbelAshley McCormack
Research Associate





Angelina Richards portraitClarissa Robillard
Research Associate 





Angelina Richards portraitJack Quesinberry
Research Associate  





Angelina Richards portraitMarissa Blackburn 
Cross Function Project Manager