This image of a koilocyte shows human ectocervical cells (HEC) expressing HPV-16 E5 oncoprotein, and immortalized with HPV-16 E6 and E7 oncoproteins.Reference Reagents

  • HPV VLPs (9 HPV types)
  • Secondary assay standards (pooled vaccinated serum) calibrated against WHO IS
  • Pseudovirions

Antibody Assays

  • Multiplex assays for the 9 HPV types in the nonavalent HPV vaccine
  • Neutralization assays

Future Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Immune assay and standard development
  • Immunogenicity and immune correlate studies of HPV vaccines

A list of standard operating procedures can be found on this page.

Investigators interested in accessing these materials should contact:

Troy Kemp, Ph.D.
Scientific Manager, Laboratory Head
Phone: 301-846-6383