Retroviral Protein Chemistry Core (RPCC)


The Retroviral Protein Chemistry Core (RPCC) provides unique state-of-the-art preparative and analytic protein chemistry expertise, applied to the characterization of retroviral virions and related samples. The laboratory has pioneered the development of techniques for the use of HPLC methods for the separation of retroviral virions into their constituent proteins. The evolution of these methods to include microbore HPLC approaches allows analyses to be performed using much smaller amounts of virus than had been possible previously, including amounts achievable using transfection methods, without a requirement for intervening amplification in culture that can introduce mutations. Analytical techniques available include gel analysis, immunoblots, protein microsequencing and amino acid analysis, and mass spectrometry. The RPCC also performs studies and provides analytical support for studies of various approaches to the inactivation of retroviruses, including chemical confirmation of relevant modifications by different inactivation approaches and detailed analyses of mechanisms of inactivation. Where feasible, the protein purification and characterization capabilities of the RPCC are also made available to non-ACVP investigators within the NCI, NIH and the extramural community.

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Elena Chertova, Ph.D.Elena Chertova, Ph.D.
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  • Sowder, Raymond
  • Roser, James