Quantitative Molecular Diagnostics Core (QMDC)


The Quantitative Molecular Diagnostics Core (QMDC) provides state-of-the-art quantitative molecular analyses to measure specific nucleic acid sequences in specimens provided by laboratories within the ACVP, intramural NIH laboratories, and extramural laboratories. In particular, the QMDC performs testing for simian immunodeficiency virus and related viruses, with emphasis on determination of viral loads in macaque models of AIDS, including plasma viral loads, cell-associated viral loads and tissue associated viral loads using quantitative PCR and RT PCR methods.

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Quantitative Molecular Diagnostics Core Staff

Jeffrey Lifson, M.D.Jeffrey Lifson, M.D.
Core Head
Phone: 301-846-1408
Fax: 301-846-5588
Email: lifsonj@mail.nih.gov

  • Bosche, William
  • Fast, Randy
  • Oswald, Kelli
  • Shoemaker, Rebecca
  • Berkemeier, Brian
  • Hull, Michael
  • Silipino, Lorna