HIV Molecular Monitoring Core (HMMC)


The HIV Molecular Monitoring Core (HMMC) to provides state-of-the-art molecular quantification and sequence analysis of HIV from clinical specimens obtained from intramural NIH studies and from research projects from extramural scientists. In particular, the HMMC performs ultrasensitive HIV plasma viral load measurements, and cell-associated HIV RNA and DNA quantification. The assays utilized provide wide clade breadth detection. The HMMC also performs single-genome sequencing for drug resistance mutations, variant enumeration, and phylogenetic analyses under the direction of Dr. Brandon F. Keele of the ACVP. The HMMC works closely with the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program (DRP/CCR/NCI) to coordinate research and testing services involving clinical specimens, with Dr. Frank Maldarelli acting as a clinical specimen liaison.

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HIV Molecular Monitoring Core Staff

Robert Gorelick, Ph.D.Robert J. Gorelick, Ph.D.
Core Head
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  • Long, Samuel
  • Welker, Jorden