Frederick National Laboratory's Contribution to ATOM

Scientists using computers for researchAs a founding member organization of ATOM, the Frederick National Laboratory will contribute scientific expertise in precision oncology, computational chemistry and cancer biology, as well as support for open sharing of data sets and predictive modeling and simulation tools. 

Frederick National Laboratory's technical and research contributions to ATOM include:

Data management and computing infrastructure: Developing and deploying methods for representing ATOM-developed computational models. Proposing and establishing the infrastructure, policies, and procedures for the public release of models and data.

Computational models R&D: Gap analysis and plan to fill gaps for multi-scale, mechanistic, and data-driven models. Building initial models and assessing the predictivity and uncertainty of the models. Identifying missing parameters and/or experimental data needed to optimize models.

Active Learning R&D: Developing initial framework for integrating mechanistic predictions, data-driven models, translational assays, and design and synthesis processes.

Frederick National Laboratory Staff Working on ATOM

Ethan DmitrovskyEthan Dmitrovsky, M.D.
Frederick National Laboratory
ATOM Governing Board



Eric StahlbergEric Stahlberg, Ph.D.
Director, Biomedical Informatics and Data Science
Frederick National Laboratory
ATOM Governing Board



Dwight NissleyDwight Nissley, Ph.D.
Director, Cancer Research Technology Program
Frederick National Laboratory
ATOM Joint Research Committee



Debra HopeDebra Hope, Ph.D., MBA
Frederick National Laboratory
ATOM Program Manager




Headshot of Izumi HinksonIzumi Hinkson, Ph.D.
Frederick National Laboratory
ATOM Scientific Project Manager