Available Strain Details

Strain Information
Common Strain Name: Pten delta C Pricing and Ordering Information
Strain Nomenclature: STOCK Ptentm1.1Whs/Nci
Animal State: Frozen Embryo
Release Category (Required for MTA form): C1

Strain Description: Homozygous lethal. Heterozygous mice exhibit malignant and premalignant lesions in multiple tissues including breast, thyroid, uterus, adrenal, prostate, etc.
Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Targeted
Gene Name: phosphatase and tensin homolog
Gene Symbol: PTEN
Transgene Name:
Transgene Symbol:
Promotor Name:
Promotor Symbol:
Current Genetic Background: STOCK
Approx. Generation:
Organ Site:
Additional Information
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: The cryopreservation mating scheme is STOCK females x heterozygous males.
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: Pten<tm1.1Whs>/Nci
Donating Investigator: Dr. Wen Shen

Key Reference: Sun Z, Huang C, He J, Lamb KL, Kang X, Gu T, Shen WH, Yin Y. 2014. PTEN C-terminal deletion causes genomic instability and tumor development. Cell Rep. 6(5):844-54. PMID: 24561254 [Pubmed Abstract]

Sponsor: NIGMS: R01GM100478, NCI: R01CA133008