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Strain Information
Common Strain Name: Mdm2-conditional Pricing and Ordering Information
Strain Nomenclature: B6;129S7-Mdm2tm1Snj/Nci
Animal State: Frozen Embryo
Release Category (Required for MTA form): B3,C1

Strain Description: These mice conditionally ablate Mdm2 message in presence of Cre, leading to rapid induction of p53 activity.
Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Targeted
Gene Name: Murine double minute 2
Gene Symbol: Mdm2
Transgene Name:
Transgene Symbol:
Promotor Name:
Promotor Symbol:
Current Genetic Background: B6;129S7
Approx. Generation:
Organ Site: all
Additional Information
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: The cryopreservation mating scheme is wildtype females x heterozygous males
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: Mdm2<tm1Snj>/Nci
Donating Investigator: Dr. Stephen Jones

Key Reference: Lengner, C.J. et al. (2006). J. Cell Biology 172:909-921; PMID 16533949; J:75119; MGI: 5898384 [Pubmed Abstract]

Related Reference: Gannon, H. et al. (2011) Dev. Biology 353:1-9. PMID 21334322 [Pubmed Abstract]

Sponsor: NIH CA77735