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Strain Information
Common Strain Name: Mdm2-S394A Pricing and Ordering Information
Strain Nomenclature: B6;129S4-Mdm2tm2.1Snj/Nci
Animal State: Frozen Embryo
Release Category (Required for MTA form): B3,C1

Strain Description: These mice bear a point mutation in Mdm2 at a key ATM phosphorylation residue and are insensitive to DNA damage induced growth arrest and apoptosis due to increased Mdm2 stability leading to reduced p53 function and stability. The mice display increase spontaneous and Myc-driven tumorigenesis, but reduced IR-induced tumors.
Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Targeted Null
Gene Name: Murine double minute 2
Gene Symbol: Mdm2
Transgene Name:
Transgene Symbol:
Promotor Name:
Promotor Symbol:
Current Genetic Background: B6;129S4
Approx. Generation:
Organ Site:
Additional Information
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: The cryopreservation mating scheme is wildtype females x heterozygous males
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: Mdm2<tm2.1Snj>/Nci
Donating Investigator: Dr. Stephen Jones

Key Reference: Gannon et al. Cancer Cell. 21:668-679;PMID: 22624716, J:189297 [Pubmed Abstract]

Related Reference: Carr et al. Cell Reports16:10 2618?2629, PMID 27568562 [Pubmed Abstract]

Sponsor: NIH CA77735