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Strain Information
Common Strain Name: Tdn/11, LST1135, dl1135 Pricing and Ordering Information
Strain Nomenclature: B6.Cg-Tg(LPV-TAg1135)11Tvd/Nci
Animal State: Frozen Embryo
Release Category (Required for MTA form): B1

Strain Description: Expression of a modified SV40 large T antigen gene is driven by lymphotropic papovavirus transcriptional signals that are specific for B and T lymphocytes and the choroid plexus epithelium of the brain. The T antigen protein lacks amino acids 17 to 27; it retains the p53, pRB, and p107 binding activities. Transgenic mice develop thymomas at 4-6 months of age with a frequency of 100%. Choroid plexus tumors were rarely observed.
Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Transgenic
Gene Name:
Gene Symbol:
Transgene Name: SV40 Large T antigen
Transgene Symbol: TAg
Promotor Name: LPV
Promotor Symbol: LPV
Current Genetic Background: B6.Cg
Approx. Generation: 5
Organ Site: hematopoietic
Additional Information
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: The cryopreservation mating scheme is C57BL/6 females x hemizygous males. When maintained as a live colony, breeder pairs were distributed as a hemizygote male x wildtype C57BL/6 female.
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: Tg(LPV-TAg1135)11Tvd
Donating Investigator: Dr. Terry Van Dyke

Key Reference: Symonds HS, McCarthy SA, Chen J, Pipas JM, Van Dyke T. Use of transgenic mice reveals cell-specific transformation by a simian virus 40 T-antigen amino-terminal mutant. Mol Cell Biol. 1993 Jun;13(6):3255-65. PMID: 8388535 [Pubmed Abstract]