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Strain Information
Common Strain Name: Apc1638 Pricing and Ordering Information
Strain Nomenclature: B6.129-Apctm1Rak/Nci
Animal State: Frozen Embryo
Release Category (Required for MTA form): B

Strain Description: This strain carries a chain-termination mutation in amino acid 1638 (exon 15) of the Apc gene. Mice homozygous for this mutation are embryonic lethal. Heterozygous mice develop multiple colonic polyps, gastrointestinal adenomas and adenocarcinomas. Liver metastases has been observed.
Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Targeted
Gene Name: Adenomatosis polyposis coli
Gene Symbol: Apc
Transgene Name:
Transgene Symbol:
Promotor Name:
Promotor Symbol:
Current Genetic Background: B6.129
Approx. Generation: 19
Organ Site: GI
Additional Information
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: The cryopreservation mating scheme is C57BL/6 females x heterozygous males. When maintained as a live colony, breeder pairs were distributed as a heterozygote (male or female) x wildtype C57BL/6 (male or female).
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: Apc<tm1Rak>
Donating Investigator: Dr. Raju Kucherlapati

Key Reference: Fodde R, Edelmann W, Yang K, van Leeuwen C, Carlson C, Renault B, Breukel C, Alt E, Lipkin M, Khan PM, Kucherlapati R. 1994. A targeted chain-termination mutation in the mouse Apc gene results in multiple intestinal tumors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 13:8969-73 PMID: 8090754 [Pubmed Abstract]