Instructions for filling out the on-line order and
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

We have had a number of problems with orders and material transfer agreements (MTAs), so we have prepared instructions to shorten the time for processing orders. The MTA is a legal document. Therefore, please read these instructions completely before placing your order.

  1. Please click the TAB key between fields. Do not click ENTER until you have completed your order or you will submit an incomplete order.
  2. Please do not complete the order form using all capital letters.
  3. Spell out the name of your institution. Please do not use abbreviations.
  4. The Recipient Scientist is the investigator who will use the embryos and is therefore required to sign the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) as the Recipient Scientist. Please list the Recipient Scientist's complete address (building name, room number, street, city, state and zipcode), his or her telephone number, fax number and e-mail address. Do not use the address at the animal facility where the embryos will be delivered. (Shipping information should be entered in the Shipping Information field). NOTE: Investigators funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute should also list the Howard Hughes Medical Institute along with the Recipient Scientist's institution, for example, University of Utah/Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  5. The Authorized Recipient Official is an individual at the Recipient Scientist's institution who is authorized to review and sign legal documents on behalf of the Recipient Scientist's institution. This individual usually works in the Recipient Scientist's institutional Technology Transfer Office, Grants and Contracts Office, Licensing Office, Dean or Provost's Office, etc. If you are unclear as to who should sign the Material Transfer Agreement, please contact one of these offices listed above for this information. Please enter the name, job title, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the Authorized Recipient Official. NOTE: The Authorized Recipient Official is rarely the Recipient Scientist or the person who is receiving the material.
  6. Return the signed MTA for each order to NCI. Please note that NCI accepts PDF copies of signed MTAs.

CAUTION: Failure to read and follow these instructions could cause your MTA to be returned to you, which will delay your order. If you have any questions regarding the MTA after reading the above instructions, please contact Lisa Gallmon at 240-276-5527 or 240-276-55300.

All other ordering questions should be directed to the NCI Mouse Repository Office at

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