General Information about the NCI Mouse Repository

The Repository

The NCI Mouse Repository is an NCI-funded resource for mouse cancer models and associated strains. The repository makes strains available to all members of the scientific community (academic, non-profit, and commercial). NCI Mouse Repository strains are cryoarchived and distributed as frozen germplasm (embryos and/or sperm).

For a complete list of available strains, click here.

Researchers are encouraged to submit their cancer models to the NCI Mouse Repository for archiving and distribution. Submission requests are reviewed and evaluated by the NCI Mouse Repository.

Distribution Conditions

Strains may not be transferred to third parties. The donating institution sets the distribution terms for each strain by designating a "Release Category" in an incoming Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Release Categories

  • Category A: Mouse stocks may be used for research or commercial purposes without an agreement with the donor.
  • Category B: Recipient may use mouse stocks for research purposes and must sign an agreement with the Donor's institution for commercial use* before using or incorporating the mouse stocks for commercial purposes.
  • Category C: Mouse stocks may be used for research purposes only. Recipient must not use or incorporate the mouse stocks for commercial purposes.*

*Commercial use of mouse stocks shall mean, for example:

  • a) use of mouse stocks for commercial purposes, such as a product offered for sale; commercial manufacture, distribution, or provision of services including quality control procedures; or for development of a directly related secondary product or service that can be sold; or
  • b) commercial marketing by recipient or recipient's licensee of a directly related secondary product developed using donor's mouse stocks.

Material Transfer Agreement

Distribution of frozen germplasm through the NCI Mouse Repository is governed by Material Transfer Agreements (MTA). An outgoing MTA, signed by the recipient scientist and the recipient institution's authorized official, is required for all strains.