NCI Mouse Repository


The NCI Mouse Repository is a resource for mouse cancer models and associated strains. This repository is funded by the National Cancer Institute and managed by Frederick National Laboratory. The repository makes strains available to all members of the scientific community. These strains are cryoarchived and distributed as frozen germplasm.

In an effort to address the role that microRNAs play in human cancer, their use as diagnostic tools, and their potential function as new targets for therapeutic intervention in the treatment of cancer, the Division of Cancer Biology supported the generation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) harboring most known mouse microRNAs in order to enhance novel information obtained on their role in cancer.

The repository houses 150 genetically engineered cancer models donated from researchers worldwide and 1,500 genetically engineered mouse embryonic stem cell lines harboring conditional microRNA transgenes.


The NCI Mouse Repository distributes both mouse model strains and mESC cell lines. Click below for more detailed information on availability, ordering, and pricing based on the type of resource you're looking for.