The National Cancer Institute Mouse Repository is a resource for mouse cancer models, associated strains and mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) harboring inducible microRNA species supported by the Division of Cancer Biology and managed by the Frederick National Laboratory. 

Mouse models

The repository distributes more than 150 mouse models for human cancers. The models are archived as cryopreserved germplasm (embryos and/or sperm) and are available to the scientific community worldwide at no charge. The requestor is responsible for all shipping fees and must provide the liquid nitrogen dry shipper for the transport of the material.

Available strains

Mouse embryonic stem cell lines 

The National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Biology supports the generation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) harboring most known mouse microRNAs. The Repository offers 1,500 mESC lines for distribution at a nominal fee.

The cell collection is a limited resource, so its availability to the scientific community is prioritized based on the following order: 

  1. NCI-funded investigators; 
  2. NIH-funded investigators; 
  3. Government funded researchers, other than those funded by NCI or NIH; 
  4. Investigators from non-profit organizations without government funding. 

Available cell lines