Welcome to the dbGuide database, a resource containing validated guide RNA sequences that have been used in gene editing experiments in human and mouse cells. We currently have aggregated information from over 1000 publications using the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in human or mouse cells as well as data generated by our lab assessing editing efficiency by Illumina sequencing. Each guide RNA listed that was sourced from a primary publication has a direct link to the publication.

To keep this resource current, we will be actively updating this database on a monthly basis and to help facilitate this, we invite researchers to submit data into our database. Our data template file can be found: here. Complete list of sgRNA sequences in our database can be downloaded here (humanmouse). Once completed, please e-mail the file to sgrnascorer@nih.gov. All contributions to this database will be given proper citation to the original publication. For further instructions/help on using our database and how to interpret results, please go here. If there are any errors where the source publication is incorrectly matched, please let us know.

Also, check out the sgRNA Scorer here!

Citing our tool:

Gooden AA, Evans CN, Sheets TP, Clapp ME, Chari R (2020). dbGuide: A database of functionally validated guide RNAs for genome editing in human and mouse cells. bioRxiv