Frederick National Laboratory curates and manages various repositories. Many of these repositories support the National Cancer Institute. Our scientists endeavor to not only provide collections of valuable resources, but to innovate the collection process.

Our scientists help collect, process, and manage repositories funded and overseen by the National Cancer Institute. These are valuable resources for the research community that cover an array of fields and research needs.



Fisheye view of repository samples

Natural Products Repository

Frederick National Laboratory scientists oversee the highly automated laboratory designed to extract compounds from natural products, with the goal of making them easier to screen for activity against a target. The 100,000 plants, marine organisms and microbes housed in the freezers and cabinets at the National Products Repository come from 50 countries worldwide.

Xenograft model of prostate cancer

Patient-Derived Models Repository

Our Molecular Characterization Laboratory is responsible for performing all genetic sequencing and gene expression profiling of models in the repository. This resource is comprised of patient-derived xenografts, in vitro patient-derived tumor cell cultures, cancer associated fibroblasts, and patient-derived organoids.

Graphic image of a human with a graph

Genomic Data Commons

The Cancer Genome Atlas molecularly characterized over 20,000 primary cancer and matched normal samples spanning 33 cancer types. Our scientists participated in the joint effort between the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute that resulted in a repository of cancer data sets for researchers.

Photo of mice on a tube

NCI Mouse Repository

The NCI Mouse Repository is a resource for mouse cancer models and associated strains. The repository houses 150 genetically engineered cancer models donated from researchers worldwide and 1,500 genetically engineered mouse embryonic stem cell lines harboring conditional microRNA transgenes.

X-ray image of chest

Cancer Imaging Archive

Teams at Frederick National Laboratory manage and oversee this publicly accessible resource that hosts a large archive of medical images of cancer. Our scientists develop new methods and technologies for clinical imaging while collecting, archiving, and sharing imaging data from clinical trials supported by the National Cancer Institute.

Graphic display of data storage

Cancer Research Data Commons

Researchers can access cloud-based repositories with various cancer data sets. Our data scientists helped develop the infrastructure enabling researchers to use a variety of analytical and visualization tools across cancer research data.