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Recent advances in cryo-EM technology have made it possible for scientists to obtain images and structures of proteins and macromolecular complexes in greater detail than ever before. This has created a surge in demand for cryo-EM experiments that has far outstripped the supply of instruments and cryo-EM trained workforce.

As demand for cryo-EM in biomedical research continues to grow, so too, does the demand for cryo-EM education and training. The Frederick National Laboratory is uniquely positioned to help address this need due to long-standing expertise in the cryo-EM domain with experienced and trained personnel as well as access to advanced instrumentation.


Scientists who seek to learn more about cryo-electron microscopy and anticipate using the technique in future research are invited to apply for the inaugural National Cryo-EM Facility Cryo-EM Training Program.
The workshop is free to attend, and the application process is open to cryo-EM users from institutions based in the United States.
Scientists will gain experience in  

  • grid preparation
  • screening and data collection
  • data processing  
  • model building and validation

All scientists at institutions with early-stage cryo-EM programs or plans to create one are encouraged to apply.

Training session

TBD. The last training session was September, 2022.

Application status: CLOSED

The application closed on May 1, 2022.

Application and Selection 

In addition to completing the Cryo-EM Training Program Application, all applicants must upload two attachments: the applicant’s resume/CV and a letter of support from the applicant’s host institution.

Please note that the Cryo-EM Training Program application includes a required field for a personal statement addressing the following: 

  • Rationale/motivation for wanting to participate in the training  
  • How your career/science will benefit from training 
  • A brief overview of your relevant experience, 
  • A description of cryo-EM facility, if any, at the host institution, and  
  • How you plan to put the knowledge you learn in the course into action.