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Nanomedicines and Nanoformulation

  • Assay Cascade: Preclinical nanotechnology characterization Description:

    The Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory Assay Cascade is a free characterization program available to any researcher creating a nano-product for cancer. Accepted applicants will have their nanomedicine formulation characterized for physicochemical traits, and immunology, pharmacology and toxicology properties.  

    Who can request the service

    The program is open to developers focused on oncology from academia, industry, and government. Applicants from non-U.S. organizations are welcome to apply. This service is funded by the National Cancer Institute. 

    Application process  

    Applications are accepted year-round with quarterly deadlines the first business days of March, June, September and December. 

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  • Nanotechnology research and development projects Description:

    Various research and development projects can be supported, including:  

    • Formulation, Optimization, Lead Selection 
    • Mechanistic Studies 
    • Characterization of Non-Oncology Nanomaterials 
    • Bioanalytical Assay Development 
    • Instrument Optimization 
    • And more 

    Who can request the service 

    These projects are open to all nanotech developers. All research and development projects must be fully funded by the submitting investigator.  

    How to apply

    Contact us for more information or to discuss a potential project. 

    Work is initiated through negotiated Contractor Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (cCRADAs), which are organized through our Partnership Development Office

  • An in vitro drug release study in human plasma Technical Service FNL Technical Service Number: NCL-01
  • Pharmacokinetic study of nanomedicine in rats Technical Service FNL Technical Service Number: NCL-02

Pharmacokinetic study of nanomedicine in rats

Blood samples will be collected at various timepoints for analysis of encapsulated, free-unbound, and protein-bound drug concentrations, as well as noncompartmental pharmacokinetic analysis to complement preclinical bioequivalence evaluation. Uses the stable isotope tracer ultrafiltration assay (SITUA) developed by the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory. 

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