The Cellular Immunity Core provides comprehensive flow cytometry, cell sorting, and cellular immune analysis support to internal investigators and collaborators for nonhuman primate studies using advanced flow cytometry methods, instrumentation, and software. 


Nonhuman primate, SIV, and HIV flow cytometry reagents, antibody panels, and protocols 

  • Consult with investigators to determine needs and how flow cytometry could support their research goals. 
  • Provide immune monitoring for internal and collaborative nonhuman primate studies. 
  • Provide cutting-edge flow cytometry support and complex data analysis. 
  • Perform infectious single-cell and population sorting under biocontainment. 
  • Provide technical expertise and training to the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program and collaborative staff. 
  • Develop innovations to address the current and future immunology and flow cytometry needs of the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program. 
  • Provide novel nonhuman primate and SIV flow cytometry reagents to the AIDS research community. 

Our Services

HIV/SIV Services

  • Novel nonhuman primate and SIV flow cytometry reagents Description:
    • Non-commercially available fluorochrome-labeled antibodies developed by the Cellular Immunity Core. 
      • SIV Env Clone 7D3 antibody, labeled with Alexa Fluor 647 
      • SIV Gag Clone 55-2F12 antibody, labeled with FITC