We provide the AIDS research community with access to biological research products, most of which are unique and not available from other sources. These are obtained at no cost by extramural laboratories through a material transfer agreement between the requesting institution and the National Cancer Institute.

These research products include:

  • Purified Human and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SHIV)
  • Purified, control microvesicles,
  • HIV-1 p24 antigen capture immunoassay key reagents (including assay support)
  • Purified monoclonal antibodies, and purified cytokines

We can produce and purify your particular HIV or SIV strain with the aim of initially supporting your research projects and eventually making your it available to the AIDS research community in general.  Additionally, in concert with enabling support for other sections and cores in the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program, we have substantial experience in the development of cell lines and clones producing HIV or SIV “strains” of interest – including ones producing high SU protein content virions.

Our Services

HIV/SIV Services

  • Production and purification of HIV, SIV, or control microvesicles Description:
    • 30 ml to 30 L batch sizes
    • Purify by sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation
    • Provide in infectious (non-treated) or chemically inactivated (using Aldrithiol-2)
  • Development of productively infected cell lines or cell clones Description:
    • Derive from infectious stock or infectious molecular clone (preferred)
    • Typically infect SUPT1 based cell line
    • Derive stable, productively infected cell line
    • May derive limiting dilution clone
    • Produce and analyze purified virus preparation(s) to determine virus yield and biochemical phenotype.
    • Test for contamination by adventitious agents: bacteria, mold, or mycoplasma.
  • Provisioning of key reagents required for our in-house developed HIV-1 p24 antigen capture assay Description:
    • Reagents include:
      • Capture Mab: Mouse anti-HIV-1 p24 (purified Mab)
      • Primary Ab: Rabbit anti-HIV-1 p24 polyclonal antibody
      • Standard: Detergent lysed HIV-1 preparation with known p24 concentration
    • Instructions describing how to use these reagents in setting up your own assays after you obtain the needed commercially available reagents and materials.

    We provide troubleshooting support if needed.