Data cloud sharing illustration. Image by Joseph Meyer, staff illustrator.

FREDERICK, Md. -- For Kedar Narayan, a little-known research tool is helping him meet a critical need in his work at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. 

Narayan is a senior scientist and group lead at the Center for Molecular Microscopy. He investigates urgent problems in cancer biology by using emerging technologies to obtain high-resolution images of tissues and cells. He wants the broader cancer research community to access his work, but traditional repositories are not suited for his data type, limiting his ability to share it. 

Larry Arthur (right) recruited HIV/AIDS expert Jeff Lifson to his AIDS Vaccine Program at the Frederick National Laboratory in 1995.

FREDERICK, Md. -- As a deadly mystery disease with an unknown etiology caused worldwide panic in the early 1980s and quickly became an epidemic, Dr. Jeffrey Lifson was right in the middle of it. 

He was a recent medical school graduate and cellular immunology fellow at Stanford Medical School where he saw early cases of what would become known as AIDS.

Jeff Lifson (left) has been director of the AIDS and Cancer Virus program for nearly 20 years. He’s pictured here with colleagues Brandon Keele, Jake Estes and the late Michael Piatak.

A Race Against the Unfolding Epidemic

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FREDERICK, Md. -- In the immunology lab at Stanford Hospital there was a sense of urgency to discover the culprit of the strange disease that caused rare cancers and infections, initially diagnosed among gay men. It was 1983, and the first signs of what would become the AIDS threat were outlined in a series of reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and publications in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1981.

Dominic Esposito presents his work on the RAS Initiative.

ATLANTA – Investigators from the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research will update the cancer community on the National Cancer Institute’s RAS Initiative and share their latest work in clinical trials, bioinformatics and technology initiatives at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2019.

Frederick National Laboratory exterior

"[The Frederick National Laboratory] tackles problems in ways that cannot be readily addressed by others. And it places new knowledge and solutions derived from its endeavors into the public domain..."

Image: VCMP staff receive the award from Vaccine Research Center leaders during the retreat. From left: John Mascola (VRC), Barney Graham (VRC), Frank Arnold (VRC), Richard Koup (VRC), Barbara Brooks (VCMP), Scott Emerick (VCMP), Matt Westerman (VCMP), Adriel Ramkissoon (VCMP), Christopher Case (VCMP), and Judy Stein (VRC).

FREDERICK, Md. -- It has been used in clinical studies on four continents and has been tested in thousands of volunteers. It was produced at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research over a five-year span to meet increasing clinical demand, and it may play an ongoing role in the future of HIV research. 

In its background, this image depicts an opened pack of cigarettes displaying its side panel health warning to would-be smokers, stating some of the ill effects attributed to smoking, while in the foreground, a ruby colored glass ashtray contained the butts of two cigarettes. CDC image.

"It’s a harsh truth that half of the men and a third of the women in America will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives. We must improve these statistics, especially now as our nation is aging and cancer disproportionately strikes older people. As a result, cancer cases will increase unless we find ways to stem this tide."

Partners sign new agreement among FNL, FITCI, and other community partners

FREDERICK, Md. -- Creating a successful business takes more than a clever idea. It requires a strong team and access to funders, critical connections, guidance, and coaching. A new program launched by Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) in collaboration with the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and numerous community partners is aimed at increasing access to these resources for local entrepreneurs. 

A Frederick National Laboratory scientist works in the lab.

FREDERICK, Md. -- Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research is teaming up with a regional higher education center to increase access to science research and education in the Frederick County area. 

Portrait of Leonard Freedman

FREDERICK, Md. -- Leonard P. Freedman, Ph.D., has been named chief science officer at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, effective this November. He joins the FNL staff after six years as founding president of the Global Biological Standards Institute.