HIV plays a direct role in causing blood cell cancers in rare instances, says a new study of HIV and tumor DNA.…

The spike protein critical for coronavirus research -- and for some COVID-19 vaccines -- slowly…

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FNL’s capstone partnership with Georgetown provides student training opportunity

Posted 12/6/2020
As a national laboratory, the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL) is committed to supporting the next generation of biomedical researchers—a generation for which data science skills are becoming increasingly critical.

Mark Jensen, Ph.D.

Fuyuan Wang

To that end, the FNL signed a…

FNL team raises awareness of mouse kidney virus affecting research reproducibility

Posted 12/3/2020
Kidney disease researchers should be on the lookout for a newly described mouse virus that appears to be relatively common and could affect the reproducibility of research involving mice that are infected but show no symptoms, according to a new study.

“Turns out, this virus is common in wild mice and research colonies around the world and produces persistent…

Scientists explore how the immune system ‘trains’ itself during a COVID-19 infection

Posted 12/1/2020
It’s war. Invaders are afoot. Vigilant sentries spot them, signal for reinforcements, unite with other nearby sentries, and charge into battle. Soon, the “big guns” arrive, a squadron of well-armed, well-trained soldiers who strike deep into the invaders’ ranks.

This drama unfolds on a cellular and subcellular battlefield. It’s the immune system’s response to a…

Dr. Jeffrey Lifson elected AAAS fellow

Posted 11/29/2020
Jeff Lifson, M.D., has been elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), joining 488 of his AAAS colleagues to be honored this year for their extraordinary achievements in advancing science.

The new fellows were formally announced in the AAAS News & Notes section of the journal Science on Nov. 27. An induction…

Serological Sciences Network to bolster understanding of COVID-19 immune response

Posted 11/16/2020
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is leveraging the serological sciences expertise of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL) to address the COVID-19 pandemic through a new effort launched last month.

The Serological Sciences Network, or SeroNet, is a collaboration across 25 biomedical research institutions to enhance understanding of the…

Sixth annual interdisciplinary workshop focuses on high performance computing, cancer research, and COVID-19

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Directorate, Seventh Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop (CAFCW21)Posted 11/10/2020
The Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop at SC20 fosters collaborations and future innovations to better understand, diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer.

On Nov. 13, clinicians, cancer biologists, mathematicians, computational scientists, biomedical engineers and data scientists worldwide will participate in the Sixth Computational Approaches for Cancer…

Ruth Nussinov elected fellow of American Physical Society

Posted 11/5/2020
Ruth Nussinov, Ph.D. says her election as a 2020 American Physical Society fellow is an especially gratifying recognition and for a very basic reason: “I am not a physicist.”

But her contribution to the field of biophysics and “extraordinary advancements in scientific understanding” led the APS’s Division of Biological Physics to nominate Nussinov as a society…

Frederick National Laboratory invention fills a gap with precise radiation measuring tool

Posted 11/3/2020
When physicist Stephen Adler, Ph.D., joined the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL), he quickly observed a gap in the tools to measure radiation doses in preclinical research.

Precise radiation doses are critical for many preclinical experiments with small animal models—doses which are typically in the few microcuries (µCi) range. However,…

Digital twin ideas lab: Innovative, cross-disciplinary research and a roadmap

Posted 10/21/2020
A cancer patient’s “digital twin” would be the ideal resource for personalized treatment, and creating the technology stands as a grand challenge for the convergence of advanced computing technologies and oncology.

A digital twin is a computer replica of the systems and processes needed to run simulations without disrupting or harming the real-world object.…

Technology Showcase leads to a model partnership

Posted 10/20/2020
The 2020 Technology Showcase was Maurice Hampton’s second time at the annual event, but his first opportunity to announce a collaboration that wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Hampton is the executive chairman and chief executive officer of early-stage biopharmaceutical company Telesis Therapeutics. In 2019, he drove three hours from…

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